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Buy QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Easily manage payroll & tax filings in-house.
- Access the most up-to-date tax tables and forms
- Automatically calculate payroll taxes and deductions
- Manage all payroll activities from one screen in Payroll Center
- Create and print paychecks from your own computer
- Track Workers' Compensation rates and deductions
- Automatically completes tax forms - print, sign & mail; e-file & pay
- Run customized payroll reports
- Regularly updated for payroll related changes, such as new HIRE act
- Share data with your accountant

Special Offer for New Subscribers:
1-3 Employees: $295   $236
Unlimited Employees: $395  $316

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How Does QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Compare?

QuickBooks Payroll comes in three versions: Basic Payroll, Enhanced Payroll and Assisted Payroll. Basic Payroll doesn't include federal & state payroll tax forms (your accountant deals with your tax forms and filings), whereas Assisted Payroll handles all payroll filings and payments.

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll comes in two versions: one for between 1-3 employees, subscription price $219 the first year and $274 thereafter; and one for an unlimited number of employees, price $299 the first year and $374 thereafter. (Note: the program may slow down if processing files for 100+ employees).

Enhanced Payroll automates your payroll processes, making it efficient for you to manage your entire payroll in-house. Step-by-step guidance takes you through payroll setup. Main functions of this payroll program:

1) Easily pay employees. Enter employees' hours, and the program automatically calculates earnings, payroll taxes and deductions (e.g. medical/dental insurance, 401(k) & other retirement plans, cash advances). Enhanced Payroll handles hourly and salaried employees as well as bonuses, commissions and overtime. Track employees' vacation time, sick time and paid time off. Print paychecks from your printer or use direct deposit ($0.99 per paycheck; some banks may charge a fee per transaction).

2) Instantly pay payroll taxes. Enhanced Payroll calculates federal & state payroll taxes, tracks taxes owed and sends upcoming payment reminders. Write a check or pay your taxes electronically with E-Pay, directly from the QuickBooks Payroll Center. Set up payments in advance - funds are withdrawn by the government agency on the date you specify and confirmations are recorded directly in QuickBooks.

3) Confidently handle tax forms. Automatically fills in latest federal & many state payroll tax forms - simply print, sign and mail, or E-File (and submit forms with just a few clicks). Enhanced Payroll can fill out state forms for 45+ states. Receive form deadline reminders. E-File & E-Pay is available for federal & select state taxes (may need to register with tax agencies; pricing varies depending on number of employees).

Other QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Features:

• Handles all payroll activities (pay employees & taxes, file tax forms and track payroll expenses) in the Payroll Center, from one screen. The Center displays most important payroll tasks and due dates for your payroll schedule.

• Quickly download latest federal & state tax tables. Every 45 days, Enhanced Payroll prompts you to download the most up-to-date tax tables.

• Easily share financial and payroll data file with your accountant by email or remote access via their QuickBooks Accountant Edition software. Your accountant can review and edit paychecks, run payroll reports, make liability adjustments and general journal entries.

• Accurately tracks Worker’s Compensation rates and deductions. Helps you set up and apply correct codes, for accurate and detailed reports of exactly how much you owe.

• Runs customized payroll reports from QuickBooks. Enhanced Payroll offers customizable summary-level and detail-level reports. Use payroll data for more accurate job costing analysis.

• Integrates to QuickBooks so no double data entry and fewer chances of errors.

• Free unlimited callback support for setup and usage queries. Response time approximately two hours.

• 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Enhanced Payroll requires QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2006 or newer, or QuickBooks Simple Start 2008 or newer and Internet access for download of the latest payroll tax rates and forms updates.

Intuit also offers a payroll-only solution that works online. The advantage with their Online Payroll version is that payroll can be managed anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection. There's no software to install or download and other QuickBooks software isn't needed as it is with Enhanced Payroll. Currently there's a 6-month free trial, after which the cost is $29.95 $9.95/month.

QuickBooks Online Payroll provides access to the latest tax rates & forms - so no need to wait for updates. You can easily share payroll data with others online by granting protected access to multiple users, up to three users and an accountant. Set up different access privileges based on what each user should access, and track their activity. A comprehensive program backs up all data nightly and stores offsite in a remote data center.

At the moment Intuit Online Payroll doesn't offer the ability to to pay contractors. For more information on this payroll option, visit Intuit's QuickBooks Online Payroll page.

Other Payroll Programs

Another small business payroll management program we liked is CheckMark. Checkmark Software has been providing accounting and payroll solutions to small and medium sized companies since 1984. Their CheckMark program is a less expensive stand-alone payroll software which integrates with many other financial software programs (e.g. QuickBooks, Peachtree, MYOB). There's only one version, for unlimited employees, priced at $249 (or $165 from Amazon) and their yearly updates are only $125 (which is optional as you can choose to modify tax tables yourself).

CheckMark has an easy setup and you can import employee hours from a spreadsheet or time clock software. A command screen provides access to all activities. The program comes with up-to-date federal & state tax tables and monitors tax rates during the year making patches available for download as needed.

The program runs on the Mac (CheckMark Software was one of the first companies to provide accounting software for the Mac). Each employee can have up to four different hourly rates - which is beneficial if your employees fill more than one role, and the program emails signed PDF pay stubs for paperless paychecks. If you deal with contractors, however, CheckMark Payroll won't generate 1099 forms.

Free technical support is provided for up to 90 minutes or up to 60 days, whichever comes first, to get you started. After that call-back phone support plan charges range from pay-by-the-minute, per incident to annual contracts.

Another option for small businesses not using QuickBooks is Avanquest Bookkeeper and Avanquest Bookkeeper Tax Tables. It's a more inexpensive option but the two programs together (only $44.95) provide all the basic accounting and payroll functions you need. The Bookkeeper Tax Tables payroll program provides latest federal & state tax rates, calculates deductions & prepares paychecks to print from your PC, automatically fills in your data on quarterly federal & state tax forms, allows you to share accounting & payroll information with your accountant, and runs payroll reports from Bookkeeper.

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How do I get support for my finance software product?

Since you will be buying QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll directly from QuickBooks you will be able to utilize their full technical support team. You can also visit QuickBooks' site for technical support contact details.

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